Amanda elise lee инстаграмм

Amanda elise lee инстаграмм

Аманда Элис Ли — очаровательная фитнес модель и инструктор по пилатесу.

Личные данные

  • Дата рождения: 13 декабря 1986
  • Место рождения: Канада
  • Рост: 160 см
  • Обхват груди: 86 см
  • Обхват талии: 58 см
  • Обхват бедер: 97 см
  • Размер одежды: 34
  • Размер обуви: 36


Аманда Элис Ли (Amanda Elise Lee) считала себя слишком худой в подростковом возрасте. С 2014 года она начала вести свой аккаунт в инстаграм, на который сейчас подписано свыше 12 млн человек.

Аманда работает фитнес моделью, персональным тренером и инструктором по пилатесу. Не так давно она запустила собственный сайт с продажей календариков и тренировочных схем. Аманда также является послом бренда EHP Labs.



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Amanda Elise Lee is a Canadian personal trainer, model, and Instagram star. Let’s take a close look at her family and personal life, including her age, birthday, net worth, boyfriends, and some fun facts.

Also Known As: Amanda Elise Lee

Famous as: Model & Instagram star

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Amanda is a Canadian social media sensation and fitness model. She rose to fame after a famous dancer tagged her post on ‘Instagram’ and overnight all her posts went viral crossing over a million followers. She became an entrepreneur after launching her website and recently released her own calendar on her official site. Amanda is now a global face in the fashion industry and is the brand ambassador for several fitness and fashion related products. She also models for famous designers. In fact, she is one of the most famous models born out of social media. Amanda has over a whopping 8.6 million fans on her ‘Instagram’ account and has more than 300,000 fans on her ‘Facebook’ page. She keeps her fans updated about her latest projects and posts on her ‘Twitter’ account as well. She has released fitness/ workout videos and is the face of the fitness company ‘ehplabs’. Amanda also works as a personal trainer and instructor.

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There are a lot of fitness babes that have reached a significant fan-base on Instagram like Jen Selter whose bum gains millions of views every time she posts it, Lauren Drain Kagan with her incredible transformation from nurse to fitness icon or Pia Muehlenbeck stunning ex-lawyer.

And all of them are unique and similar at the same time. But today we want to open the real queen of the Instagram for you – Amanda Elise Lee.

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Not far ago Amanda has beaten a 10 million followers mark with her enormous 11,2 million.

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A Los Angeles-based personal trainer, Lee knows how to use her own planned workouts that have given her such a photogenic physique.

It is rumored that a girl earns two million dollars a year. For the usual advertising post on her page, Lee takes $5,000. But if you want her to star in unobtrusive advertising, you have to shell out as much as $25,000.

She had no modeling experience. And three years ago while being an ordinary personal trainer, she has met Michelle Game, who had about 80,000 followers. One training she asked to take a selfie together. “She posted it and tagged me, and my page blew up, and people were asking for my workouts, to purchase workouts, stuff like that. I decided to go with it and change my page to a more fitness-type page, and it started growing really fast from there,” says Lee to Men’s Health.

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What about workout sessions Amanda does leg days two to three times a week. “I prefer heavy weights because my goal is to get stronger and build thighs.”

Her leg day includes:

  1. combination of squats,
  2. walking lunges,
  3. leg press,
  4. Romanian deadlifts,
  5. step-ups,
  6. plyometrics,
  7. donkey kicks
  8. box jumps.

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